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 WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks



Dog Park Upgrades Continuing

Paris, Tenn.- Progress at the Atkins-Porter Dog Park in Paris is progressing steadily with all of the concrete slabs now laid and the shade canvas also installed. Paris Parks and Recreation Director Tony Lawrence said the water features may be installed yet this week, including the water fountains and mister. “We still have one more drainage line to dig and we’ll be putting sod around the concrete slabs today,” Lawrence said. “We’re still waiting for the dog wash station to arrive and as soon as it gets here, that will be installed.” Upgrades to the park are being financed by a $25,000 grant from the Randy Boyd Foundation. (Shannon McFarlin photo).  

Three Charged After Evading, Drugs Found

Paris, Tenn.-Three people with active warrants were arrested after officers with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office managed to see a vehicle pull behind halfway market then pull off and turn down a side road. Deputies gave chase and the car sped up to evade for some time, before officers finally managed to box in the vehicle. The three people inside the car, Brandi Brewer, age 28, Timothy Roig, age 35, and Harrison Fisher, age 24, all had current active warrants on them from Henry County or Carroll County. A baggie containing nearly 33 grams of ice form of crystal meth was found in the door. Also located upon search was a small container with .1 grams of heroin.

All three denied ownership of the items so all three were charged with possession of schedule II with intent, possession of schedule I, and possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, Brandi Brewer was charged with felony evading and driving on a revoked license. Additional warrants on Roig and Fisher were for some VOP and other minor charges.

Boat Stolen From Cypress Heights Ln

Springville, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff’s Office responded to a theft of a boat at Cypress Heights Lane. The boat is green in color, an Alumnacraft model, valued at $3K with a mecury motor valued at $3K as well. There are no suspects at this time, investigation is continuing.

Warrants Issued in Theft of Bike on Dunlap St.

Paris, Tenn.- Paris Police have issued a warrant for theft on a suspect involved with stealing a bike on Dunlap Street the last couple of days. The Scwhimm DSD bike was discovered missing and the homeowner reviewed survelliance tapes with offcers and they identifed the man who stole the bike as MIchael Tharpe, age 48, PPD did again issue a warrant.

Four Henry County Students Attend FutureStar at UTM

Martin, Tenn.- Four Henry County students attended the WestStar Leadership Program’s 2019 FutureStar Leadership Summit on Oct. 1 at the University of Tennessee at Martin. FutureStar is a youth program for middle school students designed to build leadership skills and personal confidence for students in West Tennessee. Pictured are (l-r) Dr. Charley Deal, WestStar executive director, Fisher Lawrence, Fajona Sneed, Sara Beth Patterson and Caden Marhall, all from Inman Middle School. For more information on the WestStar Leadership Program or FutureStar, contact Virginia Grimes, program director, at 731-881-7198.

PLUS Endowment Celebrates 20th Birthday, Awards over $76K in Grants

Henry Principal David Kibbler speaks at the Plus Endowment Celebration (McFarlin photo)

By: Shannon McFarlin

Paris, Tenn.- PLUS Endowment had quite a 20th birthday bash Monday night, awarding $76,729 to educators in the Henry County and Paris Special Schools districts.

Since the beginning of PLUS Endowment, grants have been given for a wide variety of innovative and educational projects that would not otherwise be available in the classrooms. Since that first year, a total of $491,576 has been awarded to local educators for special projects.

This year was especially special, with the PLUS Endowment founder William Atchison on hand to speak about its history. Atchison is a former Henry County Schools Superintendent and now lives in Florida.

Monday’s event was presented in a different format than previous years, with a dessert reception held at First United Methodist Church rather than a full banquet.

A total of 137 grants were awarded out of 195 applications received.

In 2017, PLUS began awarding a Mega grant worth $5,000 and this year’s recipient was Henry School for it’s the project ‘Ag-stravaganza’ written by Principal David Kibbler, James Bates and Flynn Watson.

Three William Atchison grants were awarded this year:

$2,000 to Todd Latta and Skylar Haley of Inman School for the Full Steam Ahead project.

$1,169 to John Anderson of HCHS for Turning Ideas Into 3D

$2,000 to Shay Armstrong of Lakewood for Show Me the World—One Trip at a Time.

The blended county and city grant for $1,150 was awarded for Reality Day by county and Inman counselors.

Surprise funds were awarded to Dr. Norma Gerrell for the Happy Camper Book Club, $1,500; and Leah Howe for Bridging the Gap for $1,500.

Atchison shared with the audience the beginnings of PLUS, noting the original 12 board members: Larry Blackman, Ken Goddard, Johnny Gray, Steve Greer, Rosie Johnson, Susan Jones, Dr. Bo Richardson, Randy Stephens, Roger Veazey, Betty Wheat and Bill Williams.

He remembered writing a two-page proposal explaining “why I thought this was important,” Atchison said, and noted that the 12 charter members worked hard to make PLUS the success it is now.

Current board members noted that PLUS could not be what it is without donations and sponsors and they noted that the local Knights of Columbus have become a large benefactor for the program. Board Member Steve Blount also noted that for the first time this year, a significant corporate donation was received from outside Henry Co. Dupont in New Johnsonville made a ‘very generous donation’ to the program, he said.

Winners of this year’s grants:

$395 from the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, presented by Linda Fields of the Friends group, given to Lee Ann Durham of Lakewood.

Preschool- Second
1. Animal Scientist-Alicia Jones; 2nd at Rhea; $500
2. Don’t Be Board with Graphing and Math; Gina Brush; 1st at Rhea; $432
3. Ready, Set, Play! –Ashley James and Brooke French; K at Rhea; $500 each
4. The Very Creative Kindergarteners- Denise Outen; K at Rhea; $500
5. Reading Made ?Versatile?- Melanie Hendon; 1st at Rhea; $480
6. Therapy Boxes- Shayna Busche; K-2nd at Rhea; $500
7. Marvelous Measurement- Holly Peale; 2nd at Rhea; $500
8. Illumination Literacy- Kimberly Underhill; 2nd at Rhea; $500
9. Flipping for Learning- Cheri Hayes; 1st at Rhea; $499
10. Tremendous Ten Frames- Miranda Miller and Jenny Hutson; 1st at Rhea; $429
11. Magnificent Manipulatives- Kim McDaniel, Morgan Frey, Rebecca Peale; 1st at Rhea; $470
12. Fine Motor Fun!- Jordan Williams; K at Rhea; $475
13. Light the Way to Learning- Sarah Rowlett; K at Rhea; $500
14. RDW Spells Math- Katie Staggs; 1st at Harrelson; $300
15. Strong Brains, Strong Hearts!- Amanda Allbritten; K at Harrelson; $135
16. From a Small Seed Comes Knowledge- Katie Staggs; 1st at Harrelson; $289
17. STEM for 2nd- A future of Engineers-Tandy Rye; 2nd at Harrelson; $442
18. See the community We Never Knew- Jana Bruce; K at Henry; $455
19. It’s a Fine Time to Write- Kimberley Wallett; K at Lakewood Elem. ; $500
20. It Ended How? Kim Fowlkes, Starr Peterson, Stacy Cunningham, Brittany McCoy, and Amanda Swisher; 1st at Lakewood Elem. ; $500
21. Book Binding for Budding Authors- Katie O’Brien; K at Lakewood Elem. ; $500
22. It All Makes Sense- Christy Hendricks; Preschool at Lakewood Elem. ; $493
23. Active Learning- Amanda Mason and Christy Hendricks; Preschool at Lakewood Elem. ; $500

Total requested= $14,751

Grant budget= $10,899

Grades 3 -5
1. I’m an Archeolibrarianologist…I dig good books!- Tracey Bomar 3rd; PES; $500
2. Dog-Gone Writing and Reading- Julie Webb; 3rd at PES; $500
3. Can You Hear Me Now?!- Lauren Poteete and Amanda Belisle; 5th at PES; $500 each
4. Break into Reading- Melissa Hopkins; 3rd-6th at PES ; $425
5. Being VersaTile in the 20th Century- Susanne Collins; 4th at PES; $480
6. Latitude, Longitude, and Learning..- Kim Watson; 3rd at PES; $329
7. Can You Hear Me Now?- Olivia Smith; 3rd-5th at PES; $480
8. Brick by Brick-– Elisabeth Cope, Julie Webb, Devona May, Missy Boley, Xanne Harrison, Kim Watson, Tracey Bomar, Greg Lassiter; 3rd at PES; $500 each
9. Experiment. Fail, Learn. Repeat!- Emily Townsend, Dana Jackson, Amanda Wilson, JJ Cooper; 5th at Lakewood Elementary; $500
10. A Taste of Italy- Pam Young; 3rd-4th for Kids Corner and math at Lakewood Elementary; $500
11. Full STEAM Ahead; Linda Armour and Leigh Anne Durham; 3rd-12th grades at Harrelson, Lakewood, Grove, and HCHS; $482
12. Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails- Amy Steel man and Jade Newton; 3rd at Lakewood Elementary; $500
13. Space and Sound All Around- Kristi Williams and Tweed McKinney; 3rd at Lakewood Elementary; $500
14. R2 You 2 STEM Lab-Kathy Heath; Lakewood Elementary; $500

Total requested=$14664

Grant Budget = $10,696

Grades 6-8
1. A Novel Idea-Shanna Watkins; Inman; $500
2. Family Science Night- Sandra Paschall; Inman; $500
3. Electrifying Experience-Candice Wyatt; Inman; $435
4. Wiggle Math- Teresa Mayo; Inman; $500
5. Where in the World are the Ancient Civilizations?- Nick Coleman; Inman; $500
6. Increasing Our Compre-HEN-sion- Josh Hendricks; Inman; $493
7. Move Minds- Math Lounge- Dana Christian and Sarah Anderson; Inman; $500 each
8. “Crunch! Munch! Lunch Bunch Book Club- Colby Prosser; Harrelson; $500
9. Civil War Days- April Scarbrough; Harrelson ; $500
10. Meteorological Madness- Lora McCampbell; Lakewood Middle; $256

Total requested= $6466

Budget amount= $5184

Grove School; 9th grade

  1. Fast ForWord: Reading Role Models –Rachel Petty; $500
    2. FCCLA Dress for Success- Janet Pearce: $455
    3. Future Rockhounds of America- Amanda Mason; $500
    4. “This is Me after 2023”-Andrea Fuller; $447
    5. Are We Growing Organic?- Rose Fekete; $426
    6. Why Fear Shakespeare?- Courtney Melton; $450
    7. Pi Day-Karen Dukes; $500
    8. Engineering Virtual- Ben Burkhart; $500
    9. What?? You really do that in Agriculture?!?!- Ryan Inman; $500

Total requested= $5578
Grant Budget = $4,278

HCHS; grades 10-12

  1. Music Amplied- Katherine Sam; $400; grades 6-12
    2. LIFE ON POINT- Callie Blount; $398
    3. Caution, Student Driver!- Ryan Muench; $496
    4. You just bowled a Turkey!- Wes Malone; $482
    5. Make –Up Artist Workshop- James Matthew Wyatt; $500
    6. Burn Baby, Burn!!!- James Counce; $495
    7. Speak Up!- Jessica Borens-Lemons; $349
    8. One Fish, Two Fish, Rojo Fish, Azul Fish- Tiffany Dunn; $500
    9. Spike Ball, Pickle Ball, but no Tom Brady Footballs- Mike Greer; $492
    10. “Speak Out”- Linda Miller; $500
    11. You Want Me to Grow What?- Laura Moss; $500
    12. Reading to Make a Difference- Roddy Adkisson; $500
    13. Success Team 1- Leah Nolen; $500
    14. Success Team 2- Bobby Ellis; $500
    15. Success Team 3- Stephen England; $500
    16. Success Team 4- Matt Chisolm; $500

Total requested= $10, 062
Grant Budget = $7,612

Multiple Grades
1. Locked in the Library- Jessica Homesley; Rhea, grades K-2; $425
2. “Ag-tually-We LOVE to Read- Ag-buddy experience; Sarah Rowlett and Laura Moss; Rhea K and HCHS; $484
3. Locked in the Library- Susanna Murphey; 3rd-5th at PES; $425
4. SCORING with Polo in PES- Tom Cate;3rd-5th at PES; $500
5. Save a Life-Teaching CPR to Kids- Sarah Luffman;3rd-5th at PES; $487
6. Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About- Kristin Nickell; K-3rd-at Rhea and PES; $449
7. Booting up the Sight Reading Factory App- Angie Hawkins; K-8 for Rhea,PES, and Inman; $405
8. Feed them, Love The, Grow Them!- Amanda Allbritten; K-8 for Harrelson; $350
9. Reading through ART- Traci Thomas-Shankle; 3rd-8th for Harrelson; $270
10. The Saturday Enlightment- Traci Shankle, Valerie Godina, and Mary Kate Paschall; 7th and 8th grade for Harrelson, Henry, Lakewood; $500
11. Getting Physical with GaGa Pits and Playground Fun- Holly Thompson; 6th-8th for Harrelson; $500
12. Organizensational!-Heather Kingery; K-8th for Harrelson; $500
13. Festival Band Furthers Sightreading- Lucy Presson and Joey Sam; 6th-8th grades for Harrelson, Henry, Inman, and Lakewood Middle; $451
14. Feeding Bodies, Hearts, and Minds Through Gardening; Chari Fleenor, Val Godina and Velvet Lamb; k-7th at Henry; $500
15. Instrument Exploration in the music room- Katherine Sam; Prek- 4th at Henry; $500
16. Living Classroom Music Wall- Valerie Godina; Prek-8th at Henry; $488
17. Adult ESL Art Skills- Valerie Godina and Katie Hernandez; Adult program at Henry; $500
18. Adult ESL Life Skills- Katie Hernandez; Adult program at Henry; $500
19. Bring Them In- Lisa Olive; Prek-8th at Henry; $500
20. Grief Toolkit- Carrie Burns and Brandi Besand; Prek-8th at Lakewood; $499
21. For the Love of Literature- David Weatherly; 4th-8th at Lakewood; $500
Total requested $11,996
Grant budget = $9,733

Special Education

  1. Electrical Engineers- ALPS 5th Grade; PES; $463
    2. Put a Spark in It-; 3rd Grade ALPS at PES; $498
    3. SIMPLY READING- Olivia Smith and Tracey Bomar; 3rd-5th at PES; $285
    4. Good Vibes Only!- Alex Edgin- 6th-8th at Inman; $500
    5. Fingers of the Future- IMS ALPS team-6th-8th grades; $437
    6. Could you sit still for 90 Minutes?- Rachel Petty; 9th at Grove; $500
    7. Soothing Sensory Tools for Superstars!- Heather Kingery; K-8th at Harrelson; $500
    8. What’s Cookin?- Heather Lindsey; 10-12th at HCHS; $500
    9. Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down!- Roddy Adkisson;10-12th at HCHS; $500
    10. Versatililty through Versa Tiles-Samantha Wagner- 1st-6th at Lakewood Elem. ; $500
    11. Livin’ and Learnin’-Life Cycle Science- Amanda Mason-Inclusion Preschool at Lakewood Elem.; $500
    12. A Lost Art- Leigh Anne Durham- Gifted program at Lakewood and Grove; $120
    13. Life Long Lesson; Kelly Baker- K-8th at Lakewood School; $500
    14. Life Skills in the Wild!- Kimmi Stevens; K-8th at Lakewood School; $466
    15. Oh Happy Day!- Kelly Baker; K-8th at Lakewood School; $500

Total requested= $9269

75% Budgeted amount= $6,769

School Liaisons

  1. Rhea – Erin Sinclair – “Up for the Challenge” $500
    2. PES – Lisa Williams – “Star Bucks" $500
    3. Inman – Landa Elizondo – “Ancient Civilizations Tic-Tac-Toe” $500
    4. E. W. Grove – Lisa Wyatt – “Ladies & gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Presenting….” $500
    5. Harrelson – Jennifer Petronico – “SWIS for RTI2-B Behavior program” $500
    6. Henry – Angie Cook – “Fill Your House With Stacks of Books” $500
    7. HCHS – Pam McCord – “Move Over Bill Gates, I’m the Next Big Thing” $500
    8. Lakewood Elementary – Danette Jones – “My Buddy” $500
    9. Lakewood Middle – Morgan Bruce – “Ready, Set, Action!” $500
    10. PSSD Central Office – Becky Cate – “Dream Big Designers” $500
    11. HCSS Central Office – Susan Burton – “Resources for School Counseling Prog” $500

TOTAL : $5500

County Commission Hears "State of Healthcare" in Henry County as HCMC Continues Growing People, Community, and Services

Lisa Casteel, CEO of HCMC, discusses the current and future states of healthcare in HC.

By: Tim Alsobrooks

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Commission met in regular session for October Monday evening and heard updates from Lisa Casteel and other members of the Henry County Medical Center team on the state of Healthcare in Henry County.

Casteel showed a video highlighting the services that HCMC provide. Some doctors were on hand with Casteel do discuss their fields and how Henry County Medical center leads and innovates with these type services.

The mission, as noted in the video is to provide, services, care, and knowledge that patients deserve on daily. Some people spoke on the video about the care they received at HCMC.

The robotic surgery was highly regarded with optimal recover times, according to some of the patients who used this type of surgery. Casteel said we want to continue to grow forward with the community.

Dr. Scott Whitby, who currently serves as Board chairman, spoke on behalf of the growth he has seen in his 25 plus years at HCMC. Years ago, we had nowhere near the number of offices and types of medical services. These are people who are certified and at their highest level in their profession. From Wound Care, to sleep lab, to general surgery, HCMC has top staff and all services pretty much covered. Dr. Whitby said, “we are not only taking care of ourselves and the now, but we are training people to take care of patients here for a long time and we are honored be part of this community.”

Dr. Joe Mobley, III, also talked briefly to the commission Monday, saying thru the support of the county and vision of the board, I along with several other great doctors were able to come back home to work. This is huge team effort, and we have to work together and support each other. Its been so great to see the new players that have stepped in to be part of our future.

Dr. Blake Chander, orthopedics, talked about we are a and continuing to become a Regional Medical Center, patients are coming from all around. He said the strides we’ve made with equipment like the robot, with addition of more staff, its only driving us forward and I’m proud to be a part of it.

The hospital is now involved in training more and more with the help of Bethel and they currently have 8 medical students in their third year as they start to get into their speciality field. We are a training hospital, growing future doctors here at home.

Casteel said, healthcare is a hotbed and asked commissioners to keep them informed from any political roads that they might need help navigating in the future. The County Commission and HCMC will set an appropriate time to come back and look at the purchase of an ambualnce to help the fleet at EMS. Mayor Greer suggested either the November or December commission meeting as a possibility.

Commission Gives County Mayor, Attorney Power to Opt in/Out of Opioid Class Action Lawsuit

Paris, Tenn.- Discussion was also held concerning a class action lawsuit involving the Opioid crisis. County Attorney Rob Whitefield everyone is aware of the crisis especially the rural areas of the nation. The suit says these companies failed to disclose how addictive these opioids were and nearly all 50 states are named working on suing these opioid manufacturers in their poor judgement of producing the pills. A judge in Ohio has went forward to group these states and local governments, into subgroups and opted everyone in to be able to get money from the lawsuit should a settlement be reached.

Attorney Whitfield said right now, everyone has basically been opted into this settlement. The TN Attorney General does have a seat at the table so the county can stay in or opt out. He said if we opt out, we are not obligated to take part of the settlement. He said the county must take action to remove themselves by Nov. 22nd.

The county commission will not meet again until the 4th Monday in November, so the Mayor and County Attorney wanted to bring this up in October to see what commissioners wanted to do which could be authorizing the Mayor and County Attorney to be allowed make the decision, should we have to before Nov. 22nd. Commissioner Don Jones made the motion to give the Mayor and Attorney the authority to do what is best for the county and either stay in, or opt out as it gets closer to that Nov. 22nd deadline.

Commission Approves $10K Impact Fee Payment to City of Centralized Dispatch

Paris, Tenn.- County Commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Paris to pay the City $10K impact fee per year to handle the dispatching services for emergency calls as they move to centralized dispatching. Mayor Greer said this just shows how the City and County always work together to provide the best services for our citizens.

Commissioners also approved a capital outlay note of $160K on Monday night to help pay for various projects throughout the year.

Masquerade Jewellery Sale at HCMC Last Week Raises nearly $3800 for HCMC Auxiliary Scholarships

Paris, Tenn.- The jewllery sale held Thursday and Friday at classrooms 2 and 3 of HCMC was well attended and almost $3800 was raised for the Auxiliary to go towards scholarships.

Blessing of the Pets Planned This Sunday At Antioch Methodist

Springville, Tenn.- The Antioch United Methodist Church will hold its annual Blessing of the Pets at 1 p.m. Sunday, October 27, and all humans and their pets are invited. The church is located at 3556 W. Antioch Rd., Springville.

At the same time, the church’s mission focus this month are the animals at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office shelter and they are collecting items.

At this time they are well supplied with food and treats but are in need of collars and leashes, harnesses (most of their dogs are BIG dogs), laundry soap, hand soap or hand sanitizer for visitors, Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Flea And Tick Shampoo For Dogs Fresh Scent (kills pests and makes them smell great), dog brushes, tennis balls and credit at Mineral Wells Animal Clinic.

Chamber Donuts With the Director Planned for Tuesday

Paris, Tenn.- The Donuts with the Director round table discussion with Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce Director Travis McLeese will be held at 8am at Tuesday Oct. 22nd. Items to be discussed include updates with the Chamber, ways to receive more value from your membership, and opportunities to connect of 2020. Email to RSVP for the event Tuesday morning.

Scarecrows on the Square Winners Announced

Paris, Tenn.- Winners of the Scarecrows on the Square contest were announced at Saturday's Spooktacular in downtown Paris. The scarecrows will stay on display on the court square through the end of the month.

Downtown Paris Association Executive Director Kathy Ray announced the winners:

People's Choice--Security Bank (with Harrelson School motif); Best In Show--Perkins' Drugs; Most Original--Second Harvest Food Bank; Best Construction--Paris Karate; and Honorable Mention--Oops and Tomorrow's Hope. (Photos by Shannon McFarlin.)

Serious Accident On Hwy 79

Buchanan,Tenn.- A Buchanan woman was seriously injured in a two-vehicle accident Saturday evening on Hwy. 79 North. Henry County Sheriff’s deputies, the Paris Landing Volunteer Fire Department, Henry County EMS and the THP were dispatched to the intersection of Hwy. 79N and Buchanan Rd. around 4:30 p.m. on a report of a two-vehicle accident with injuries and one vehicle possibly on fire.Paris Landing Fire Chief Reggie Coles said arriving units found a large gray Dodge truck and a small black Mazda truck sitting in the intersection with major damage to both vehicles. No fire was found.Brenda Williams of Buchanan, was a passenger in the Mazda truck and suffered serious injuries.  She  was immediately taken by EMS to Henry County Medical Center for transfer to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating.

Photo by Reggie Coles.

Henry County Sheriff's Office  Respond to Large Burglary

Paris, Tenn.- On Saturday, Henry County Sheriff’s officers responded to a call of burglary and theft on Lorena Ln. The victim arrived home to find a chair in front of a bedroom window, but no forced entry. The victim states he used to have a roommate who would get into the house this way when locked out.A witness stated he saw a gray car with a loud exhaust drive up to the home after the homeowner had left. Several items were reported stolen including a Sony Playstation 4, valued at $350.00, several Playstation games valued at $250.00, a space heater valued at $30.00, a flat screen television valued at $150.00, a modem and router valued at $500.00, and various other articles. This case has been turned over to the CID for further investigation.

Paris Fire Department To The Rescue!

Paris,Tenn.-The Paris Fire Department responded to a call on Sunday of a vehicle on fire at Highway 218 and Highway 79. A Ford F450 with a horse trailer and horses had caught fire from the power stroke engine compartment of the truck. The compartment and the front seats were severely burned. The owner and his horses were unharmed and the horses were removed to a safe place.

Heritage Center Lunch and Learn-Infamous, Historic Murders Of Henry County

Paris,Tenn.- The Heritage Center is hosting a Halloween Lunch and Learn on Friday, October 25th at 12pm. Gary Wallis, author, historian, and sleuth returns to Cavitt Place to provide a fascinating account of the most notorious, heinous murders in Henry County history. This event will be quite popular and seating is limited. Call  642-1030 for yours today.

Kooky Spooky Halloween at Paris Landing KOA Big Success!

Buchanan, Tenn.- The 1st Annual Kooky Spooky Halloween event out at the Paris Landing KOA was a huge success for all involved. Lots of candy was given out by campers, the RV’s and campsites had an array of creative, spooky decorations. The Paris Fire Department handed out fire hats to the children and the Henry County Sheriff’s office had an officer giving out candy. Other local businesses were out there joining in the fun including the Misfit Animal Ranch out of Dover. There was a wagon ride, dance party, pumpkin painting, and mini golf.

Free Arthritis Management Seminar!

Paris, Tenn.- There will be a free seminar on Tuesday, October 22nd at 1p for managing your arthritic hands. Ron French, occupational therapist and certified hand therapist will be giving the information at the Shoulder and Hand Therapy Center in Paris. Seats are limited so call (731) 642-0778 to reserve yours today.

Downtown Spooktacular A Big Success!

Paris, Tenn.- There was a huge crowd out at the Downtown Spooktacular on Saturday. "It was the biggest crowd we've had yet," Downtown Paris Association Executive Director Kathy Ray said. "It was packed all day". There was plenty for everybody to do, with games, activities, contests and trick or treating ongoing all afternoon.Winners of the Scarecrows on the Square contest were announced. The scarecrows will stay on display on the court square through the end of the month.

People's Choice--Security Bank (with Harrelson School motif); Best In Show--Perkins' Drugs; Most Original--Second Harvest Food Bank; Best Construction--Paris Karate; and Honorable Mention--Oops and Tomorrow's Hope.

Winners of costume contests:

Family group: First Place, Bob Ross group with Bub Steele, Misti Carper Steele, Bristol Steele and Abbey Carper.(Shannon McFarlin photo).

4-7 yr old winners:

1st place, Cashleigh Halstead as The Clown from the movie “IT”
2nd place, Uria Smith as Indiana Jones
3rd place, Vivian Singleton as Wednesday from The Adams Family.

For the 8-11 year olds:1st place, Kaleigh Champion as Pippi Longstocking,2nd place, Charlie Arnold as Electric Chair,3rd place, Gracie Kibbler as Makeup Doll (Kristina Dufresne-photo)

The Rural Caucus Meet To Redirect Funding

Nashville, Tenn.–The Rural Caucus formed by Representative Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) met this week for its second meeting, with economic development in the rural areas being the center of discussion. The Rural Caucus legislative members discussed the amount of money the TN ECD has historically been directing to metro/urban areas versus rural areas and how to formulate state policies and/or legislation to redirect greater funding incentives to rural Tennessee for industry and job development An additional outcome of the Rural Caucus meeting was that information was requested from the TN ECD as to the amount of money it has been spending on a county by county basis.  The TN ECD is in the process of gathering this requested data.

Griffey said the next meeting of the Rural Caucus will take place in November at which time the issue of rural broadband accessibility will be addressed, and members will hear from the major players in the rural broadband arena, including local utility providers that have active programs in rural areas for customers to receive fiber internet services.  If anyone would like information about the funding programs discussed by Tracy and Minchew at this month’s Rural Caucus meeting, email Representative Bruce Griffey for information at>

Rhea Library Honors Connie McSwain

Paris, Tenn.–W.G. Rhea Library Board Member Dr. Norma Gerrell opened the Free Family Fall Festival Saturday by “reminding everyone why we’re here. We’re here to honor someone very special and that was Connie McSwain”, who was the long-time director of the library who died earlier this year. Gerrell noted, “She loved children and she loved books and music and Mr. Bond and we should be thankful we had her for as long as we did.”

The Festival featured activities that McSwain enjoyed, including the Mr. Bond the Science Guy show, music by the Ray Lewis Band, cake made by Jerry Joyner, and plenty of games and activities for everyone. Free books were also given to children who attended.

Photo: Dr. Gerrell, middle, speaks to everyone with Children’s Librarian Kayla Nation at left. and Mr. Bond at right.  (Shannon McFarlin photo).

CASA Chili Cook-off For Children

Paris,Tenn.-CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates is holding a Chili Cook Off for Children! The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 9th from 5pm until 7pm in the Enoch Building at the Paris Fairgrounds. Awards include Grand Chili Champion, People’s Choice Award and Best Theme, Costume, and Decorated booth. There will be great food, live music, games for children, door prizes, and fellowship.  Come and eat! The cost is $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door for adults. Children are $5.00 in advance, and $7.50 at the door, kids under 3 eat free. Please come out anda support the CASA Foster Children of Henry County!

Paris Police Department Park Arrest

Paris Police Department responded to a call that someone has allegedly been camping at the downtown park at Market and Wood St. Upon arrival, contact was made with Brian Newton, age 42, who matched the given description. He advised he was homeless, but he has not been staying in the bathroom of the park. A park employee stated he had found syringes in the bathroom. Newton was asked if he had been using the needles in the bathroom if he injects or if he has needles. Newton stated he had not shot up in the bathroom but appeared to have recently used meth per the officer’s observation. Newton did admit to and was cited for possessing needles and methamphetamine. Shane Phillips, was also present and was found to have an active VOP, and is on the Sex Offender’s Registry.

Henry County High School Band Chili Dinner Fundraiser

The Henry County Band is now selling tickets for a chili supper and silent auction fundraiser on November 5th at the First United Methodist Church in Paris. From 11am til 2pm and 430pm to 7pm. Tickets are $10.00, there will be chili, hot dogs, dessert, and a drink. To go orders are also available. The silent auction will be during the day with all sorts of items to bid on.

TUMC Baked Potato Bar Planned Oct. 25th

Paris, Tenn.- Trinity United Methodist Church will hold a Baked Potato Bar Luncheon with potato, salad, drink, and dessert on Friday October 25th from 11am to 2pm. Tickets are $10 and are available at Paris Florist or Trinity UMC. The church is located at 409 N. Wilson St. in Pairs and a bake sale will begin that day at 8am. For more information call 642-3427.

Jaycees Golf Tourney Set for Oct. 26th

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Jaycees will hold their annual Golf Tournament at the Paris County Club on Saturday October 26th. Registration begins a 9am that morning with the shotgun start at 10am. Early registration last until October 23rd and cost for the 4 person scramble team is $280 and after the 23rd it will be $300 per team.

The event is sponsored by Westfalia Farms and fees include green fees, golf cart, lunch, and goodie bag. Mulligans can be purchased for $20 per team and $5 per person. Hole in One Wins a brand new car from Joe Mahan Ford. There will be prizes in 4 places at the tournament.

All money raised benefits the Jaycees Children’s Shopping tour in December. Contact Amanda Lackey at 363-4531 or Patrick Cooper at 336-9733 for more information. Rain date will be Saturday November 2nd.

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