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From News Director Tim Alsobrooks Weekend News Director Nicki Cronkright

USACE Seek Public Input on Barge Facility on Cumberland River

Dover, Tenn.- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has posted a public notice on its website, asking for public comments on the proposal to build a barge loading and unloading  facility at Cumberland River Mile 108.5, Right bank, Lake Barkley, within an area known as “Lock C” in Stewart County.

The proposed work would occur on U.S. Government land; therefore the project is currently being considered for approval to impact lands and waters upon which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has real interest.

The Corps proposed to construct the facility by improving existing facilities in “Lock C”. The project would provide an improved marine deployment facility via water for transport of military vehicles and equipment from Fort Campbell Military Base. Discharge of fill-in material within a total of 1.74 acres of emergent wetlands is required for an equipment staging area of military vehicles and equipment with some minor road improvements. Approximately 40 sq. feet of riprap would be placed below the ordinary high water mark of the Cumberland River for stabilization of an outlet ditch to drain water from the site.

USACE is soliciting comments from the public: Federal, State, and Local Agencies and officials, Indian tribes, and all other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of the proposed activity. Comments are used in preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) and comments are used to determine the need for a public hearing.

Comments can be made until April 18th at www.Irn.usace.army.mil or by email to Regulatory Division, Attn: Amy Robinson at amy.m.robinson@usace.army.mil

All comments on this should reference the Corps Application no. LRN-2018-00164.

Annual Ravioli Dinner Set for Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- The annual Ravioli Dinner, sponsored by The Knights of Columbus, in partnership with Tomorrow’s Hope Pregnancy Medical Clinic, is set for Thursday March 28th. Lunch will be 11:30am to 1pm, Dinner served from 5:30pm-7pm and its eat in or dine out at the Holy Cross Church Family Life Center Gym, located at 1210 East Wood St.

Tickets for the meal are $10 and include gourmet cheese ravioli from an Italian restaurant supplier, meat sauce by the area’s finest Italian chefs, salad, drink, and a dessert. To purchase tickets go to Tomorrow’s Hope at 211 N. Brewer Street or they will be available at the door. Proceeds benefit Tomorrow’s Hope. 

Pats Walk-Off Northwest for First District Win

Paris, Tenn.- It was a windy, chilly night at Patriot Field Monday night, but Henry County and Northwest's hurlers were battling in a pitching duel and making quick work of each other. The Patriots sent Wesley Bomar to hill and he pitched 6 plus innings of stellar baseball only giving up two runs. Henry County scored two runs as well off Northwest trio of pitchers.

The game went to extra innings after Will Parrish tried to score from 2nd base on a wild pitch in the bottom of the 7th, but was thrown out at the plate. In the bottom of the 9th, Ethan Thompson ripped a long, deep single to center to score the winning run from third. The Patriots move to 1-2 in the District and hang the first loss on Northwest in the District as they are now 4-1. The same two teams play at Northwest Tuesday night.

Rep. Griffey Files TN Bill on Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Nashville- “Welfare reform was a key component of my campaign platform based upon both my and my wife’s personal experiences as prosecutors in the Tennessee criminal justice system.  We routinely witnessed in the court room criminal defendants, who were charged with various different drug related offenses and were unemployed and living off taxpayer money in the form of SNAP (i.e. food stamps), TANF (i.e. cash funding), subsidized housing, utility vouchers (i.e. subsidized electricity), taxpayer funded cell phones and gas cards, etc.”, Griffey stated.  “Due to drug addictions, these individuals were incapable of being employed because they could not pass a drug screen or show up to work regularly and perform their job responsibilities.  Additionally, they had no motivation to address their drug addiction with the government enabling them through various taxpayer funded benefits,”  further explained Griffey.

Additionally, while on the campaign trail last year, Griffey said that he had the opportunity to speak with numerous employers in his district, who routinely described the problem of finding reliable, drug-free employees to hire.  “It is no doubt one issue that is impacting the ability of our district to successfully engage in industrial recruitment and economic development.  Businesses are looking for a workforce that is:  (1) skilled; and (2) drug-free,” said Griffey. 

As a co-sponsor of the Governor’s Initiative for Vocational Education Act (HB0949), Griffey believes the issue of developing a skilled work force will be addressed.  However, the issue of drug abuse still exists and he filed a welfare reform bill to address the issue of drug addiction in our communities and motivate those with substance abuse problems to seek help.  “A message needs to be sent that if you have a drug addiction, taxpayers will no longer continue to enable that addiction by paying for your housing, food, utilities, phones and gas unless you seek help to overcome that addiction.  Welfare was never intended to be a long-term hand out, but rather a short-term hand up,”  stated Griffey.

Under Tennessee law as it exists today, individuals applying for TANF benefits are required by the Department of Human Services to complete a very short questionnaire consisting of just a few questions essentially asking them whether they use illegal drugs, and, if they answer “yes” to the questions, then DHS has discretion to determine whether or not to require the applicant to undergo a 5 panel urine based drug screen.  “In my opinion, this is a very flawed system because it is dependent upon the applicant being honest about illegal drug use, grants discretion to DHS and relies upon the results of one of the most unreliable drug screens,”  Griffey explained.

Based on all of the above, Griffey drafted and filed Tennessee House Bill 88 (HB0088), which would reform the welfare system by:  (1) expanding the drug testing program to SNAP (i.e. food stamp) applicants/recipients in addition to TANF; (2) eliminating discretion from DHS as to whether to conduct a drug test; (3) increasing the list of drug related questions posed to applicants/recipients from just a couple to 15 questions and making it a crime to answer falsely; (4) requiring law enforcement agencies to report to DHS anyone charged with a drug or theft related crime and requiring DHS to drug test any applicant/recipient so charged; and (5) using the more reliable 7 panel hair follicle test instead of the 5 panel urine test to screen welfare applicants/recipients for drugs. 

Under the bill, if a welfare applicant/recipient refuses to complete either the questionnaire and/or a drug test, then the person will be ineligible to receive any welfare benefits until completed.  If an applicant/recipient tests positive for any illegal drugs, then the person will either have to enter a treatment program or not receive any welfare benefits.

If a person submits to a drug treatment program, then they will be subject to future testing to ensure that the program was successful and that they remain drug-free.  Additionally, to prevent this welfare reform measure from adversely impacting minor children, the bill provides that if a parent or a caretaker relative is deemed ineligible for welfare benefits as a result of the drug testing process, then the dependent child's eligibility for benefits is not affected, and an appropriate protective payee will be designated to receive benefits on behalf of the child who is under sixteen (16) years of age.  In the event a dependent child is sixteen (16) years or older, the child shall receive the benefits directly as the payee.

“I would prefer to mandate drug testing of all welfare applicants/recipients across the board, particularly inasmuch as state and federal employees who are paid by taxpayers are subject to random drug screens; however, federal appellate courts currently require a probable cause basis for drug testing of welfare recipients.  I do not want to subject the State of Tennessee to the expense of constitutional challenges.  I do feel the bill I proposed significantly improves the system and will:  (1) result in more drug-addicted individuals getting help and recovering for the benefit of themselves, their families and their community; (2) build a stronger, larger drug-free workforce so we are better positioned to attract industry and business to our area; and (3) save the State of Tennessee and taxpaying citizens large sums of money.  It is fundamentally unfair for some of us to obey the laws and get up and go to work every day only to have a portion of the money that we work hard to earn go to pay for the housing, food, utilities, phones, gas and other benefits of others who sit at home all day unemployed and using drugs,”  stated Griffey. 

LBL Soon Beginning Major Road Repair Work from 2016 Floods

Golden Pond, Ky.- The U.S. Forest Service will soon begin major construction projects to repair specific water crossings, roads, and trails damaged or destroyed during a 2016 flood at Land Between the Lakes.

Land Between the Lakes officials recently received $4.1 million in assistance from the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads program designed to help federal agencies repair or reconstruct roads impacted by natural disasters. The Forest Service will apply the ERFO funds for engineering, materials, project planning and contracting to address damages from the 2016 flood.

"The ERFO funding will help us address some badly needed repairs," said Tina Tilley, area supervisor at Land Between the Lakes. Forest Service staff submitted a request for funding shortly after the flooding in 2016 to address damage that far exceeded normal budget constraints. "Now that we have the funds we can engineer more modern fixes that will better withstand future events."

The public will first start seeing repairs on Forest Roads 174 and 145 both closed due to dangerous road conditions. FS 174 crosses Downs Creek and FS 145 crosses Crooked Creek.

"The public has expressed a lot of interest in Hemeatite Trail and we're pleased that a portion of these ERFO funds will go towards repairs on this trail system," said Tilley. Hematite Trail will lead in priority for trail work with repairs to the boardwalk and wildlife observation area.

Weather conditions could impact priority placement of some projects. Find us online for a full list of roads and trails to be addressed in this funding. Visit: https://bit.ly/2Hv78CJ
For more information call Chris Joyner, public affairs officer, at 270-350-3693.

Oakland Fire Department Extinguishes Grass Fire Saturday

Springville, Tenn.- The Oakland Volunteer Fire Department was sent to Old Union Loop in reference to a grass fire Saturday afternoon. Units responded to 1404 Old Union Loop near 1:30pm Saturday for a grass fire.

Upon arrival, the fire had spread pretty far. I then requested mutual aid from Forestry and Springville VFD. Oakland had 4 firefighters and 2 trucks. Springville had 2 firefighters and 2 trucks. Forestry had 2 trucks and 2 men. According to Forestry, approximately 25 acres were burnt. We were on scene approximately 2 hours.

Local Celebrity Waiters Help Raise Money Sat. Night for Relay

Paris, Tenn.- Local Celebrity servers from Henry County helped to raise money at the Relay for Life dinner Saturday night at the First United Methodist church. Nearly 100 people attended the event. 15 local “celebrities” donated 150 for a table. The Relay event included tips for their waiters that went to the cause along with a silent auction during the night.

It was the first time to hold this type of event for Relay and between $5K and $6K was taken in before expenses.

Pats to Host Northwest in Baseball Monday Evening

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County will host Northwest in baseball action Monday evening. The game’s first pitch is set for 6:30pm and we will have the broadcast for you on WLZK 94.1FM at 6pm. The Patriots will play at Northwest on Tuesday evening.

K-9 Adora Locates Missing Paris Woman

Paris, Tenn. - According to a press release from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a call of a vehicle off the roadway at Springhill Road and Old McKenzie Highway. Deputy Gary Carroll was the first on scene and found the vehicle had not been wrecked, but it appeared to have been driven across the field. Through a registration check, the car belonged to Holley Townsend of Paris.

Officers located Townsend’s mother, who advised Holley has a medical condition that causes her to become confused at times. She also stated that Townsend had not been taking her medication. During the investigation, deputies contacted Sgt. Wayne Fuqua and his K-9 partner Adora to come to the scene.

Sgt. Fuqua and his partner Adora began tracking in the heavy rain from the car and within a few short minutes, K-9 Adora was on the victims scent. At that time, a passerby contacted deputies and stated that he had seen a woman walking in the wood line of the large field. As deputies were approaching the area, Sgt. Fuqua and Adora were tracking directly to the victim.

Townsend was found to be wet and muddy, but safe, very tired and confused. Townsend was checked out by EMS and released to the care of her mother. It was determined that Townsend had been out of her car and walking for several hours when she was located.

Investigation Ongoing In Home Invasion

Paris, Tenn. - A report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office stated that Deputy Phillip Barton responded to a call on Woodland Drive in reference to a home invasion/burglary. The victim stated that just after midnight, someone had picked the lock on the back door and entered the residence.

The victim stated she was in the kitchen at the time and heard someone playing with the doorknob, but thought it was a relative. As she walked around an appliance, the subject entered the home. The subject was described as a white male, approximately 5’9” to 6’ tall, graying hair, with a slender build wearing a yellowish-orange hoodie. The victim advised when she saw the subject, he immediately punched her in the face, striking her left eye and cheek area. Deputy Barton did observe signs of bruising and the injury photographed.

The victim stated the subject then ran upstairs and about 10 to 15 seconds later ran back down and exited the residence and fled the scene on foot. The victim advised she did not hear any car doors or cars driving away.

The victim stated the only thing missing was a prescription bottle of Hydrocodone tablets, belonging to her grandmother. The victim advised she saw the bottle missing when she went upstairs, the drawer on a small table was still open. The victim stated she did not know the subject and stated that her residence had previously been broken into and the subject might have been to the home prior.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Shed Total Loss In Fire On Peaceful Meadows Lane

Paris, Tenn. - According to a report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Cpl. David Andrews responded to a shed on fire on Peaceful Meadows Lane.

Upon arrival, Paris Fire Department was currently on scene extinguishing the fire. The she was a total loss. There was no power to the shed and no source of heat. The home is rented and the tenant advised there were a couple of bicycles and some junk being stored.

The juvenile next door, visiting a relative was interviewed in the presence of that relative. The juvenile had soot on both of his hands and around his nose, which he advised was due to him seeing the shed on fire and making sure no one was hurt.

The fire is under investigation.

Henry County Man Charged In Big Sandy Homicide

(Jack Herron, BCSO booking photo)

Big Sandy, Tenn. - According to a press release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a joint investigation was conducted by the TBI, Big Sandy Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office into an apparent stabbing death in Big Sandy. That death has resulted in the arrest of a man from Henry.

At the request of 24th District Attorney General Matt Stowe, TBI Special Agents joined the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Garron D. Crafton, shortly after the Big Sandy Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office found Crafton’s body outside of his home on Kay Street. During the course of the investigation, Agents and Investigators developed information leading to Jack Anthony Herron as the individual responsible for the crime.

On Friday afternoon, Herron was taken into custody and charged with one count of second degree murder. Herron was booked into the Benton County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

HCHS Class Of 1979 To Hold Reunion Meeting Tuesday

Paris, Tenn. - The members of the Henry County High School Class of 1979 will have a 40th class reunion planning meeting on Tuesday, March 26th at Perrylodgic Brewing Company, located at 3465 Highway 79 North. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

Donkey Basketball Held Saturday Night

Paris, Tenn. - Donkey Basketball was held Saturday night at the Central Community Service Center. Prominent local people rode stubborn and tricky donkeys, all while playing basketball.

(Kyle Cronkright photos)

Afterschool Heals Tennessee Launches

Tenn. - Tennessee Afterschool Network (TAN) is responding to the opioid crisis by engaging partners and youth in prevention education efforts. Research shows that students participating in high-quality afterschool and summer programs are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Tennessee has been hit especially hard by the opioid epidemic. In 2017 there were nearly 1,200 opioid overdose deaths and ten times as many non-fatal overdoses. Afterschool is in a unique position to offer prevention education to youth and families.

Last week leaders from a wide range of local and state organizations convened to outline next steps.  Efforts will include providing resources for out-of-school-time programs, tools and activities for program participants, service-learning projects, anti-stigma campaigns, and partnering with communities in drug take back efforts and engagement of other sectors, including seniors, corporations and the faith community.

With funding from the Charles Stewart Mott and AmerisourceBergen Foundations, the task force will be providing professional development to afterschool program staff, conducting parenting training programs, and strengthening coalitions that will support afterschool efforts.

Foundations, the task force will be providing professional development to afterschool program staff, conducting parenting training programs, and strengthening coalitions that will support afterschool efforts.

To learning more and to become a member of Tennessee Afterschool Network, link to http://www.tnafterschool.org/.

TBI Investigating Apparent Homicide In Benton County

Big Sandy, Tenn. - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed on Friday afternoon that a 35-year-old man, identified as Garron D. Crafton was found deceased in what is an apparent homicide. Crafton was found dead at an address on Kay Street, located in Big Sandy.

In a joint effort, the TBI and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office are investigating at the request of District Attorney General Matt Stowe.

No cause of has been given.

Paris Man Charged After Setting Fire On Porch

Paris, Tenn. - According to a report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Phillip Barton was dispatched to an address on Nobles Road, in regards to a fire on the front deck of a mobile home.

Upon arrival, Deputy Barton met with two females who stated that her ex-

boyfriend had come to the home and set fire to her clothes that he had in his possession. Deputy Barton did observe charred clothing in front of the door of the home and the clothing had been placed in a manner that restricted any exit from the front entrance. The storm door, door frame, siding and deck were all damaged.

When asked how the fire was discovered, the victim stated that she saw the front door light up through the bedroom window and smelled a strong odor of something burning. The victim then stated she got up and went to the front door, partially opening the door and pouring water on the fire to put it out. The clothing was still smoldering upon Deputy Barton’s arrival.

The victim identified Deshar Patton, age 29 of Paris as the one who set the fire. When asked why she thought Patton had set the fire, the victim advised they had recently ended their relationship and he had been harassing her and making threats, and had recently been banned from her place of employment.

A statement was written by the victim and the witness agreed to testify against Patton, who is charged with one count of aggravated domestic assault, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated arson and vandalism.

The value of damage was around $1500 and Patton was placed on $60,000 bond.

Reminder: American Legion Post 89 Fish Fry Fridays Continue

Springville, Tenn.- The American Legion Post 89, located at 4326 East Antioch Road, will be holding Fish Fry’s several Fridays in a row starting this week during Lent. Every Friday until April 19th. They will serve Catfish, fries, hushpuppies, white beans, slaw, dessert, and drink for only $10. The meal will be served beginning at 5pm until they are sold out. The meal is open to the public.


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